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2019 PPW Pre-Conference Digital Judging

  • 02 Feb 2019
  • Hudson’s Studio, 631 Strander Blvd, Building E, Suite 641, Tukwila, WA


DEADLINE: January 31, 2019 by 11pm PST 

The 2019 PPW Pre-Conference Digital Image Trial Judging will be held at Bruce Hudson’s Studio at 631 Strander Blvd, Building E, Suite 641, Tukwila, WA, on February 2nd, 2019. Audience space will be allotted for and you are encouraged to attend or watch the judging as it is streamed on line with Facebook Live.  

This Judging is being held as a service to the Members of PPW to encourage & promote Image Exhibition by providing our members the opportunity to narrow their selection to the best 4 images of 6 and receive image critiques of images they are considering for entry in State, District  and International Exhibitions.  

It will also allow us to test equipment, software, and procedures to assure the very best and flawless Judging at our 2019 PPW Conference.  In order for this event to be financially feasible and occur, we must have at least 20 members enter . . . otherwise the judging will be canceled.

2019 PPW Pre-Conference Digital Image Trial Judging Rules

Deadlines and Fees Categories 

  • Submissions Opening Date – January 5, 2019, @ 8AM PST
  • All entered images (digital) must be uploaded to www.printcompetition.com  by January 26, 2019 by 11pm PST.
  • Digital file name must match print name.
  • Late Entries received on January 28th to January 31st, 2019 by 11pm PST will be charged a late fee of $10. UPDATE: Late fee Waived!
  • No entry will be accepted after January 31st, 2019 after 11pm PST.
  • Image Entry Fee (1 to 6 images): 1 image - $25 or 2 to 6 images - $50

     Jury Chair and Judges 
  • Marie Martinea-Sandberg, Jury Chair
  • Ed Matuska, Assistant Jury Chair
  • Lance Johnson
  • Bruce Hudson
  • Ralph Allen
  • Mary Jo Allen
  • Faye Johnson
  • Sonja Yearsley

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