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Member Testimonials:

“I joined PPW several years ago through the encouragement of the Spokane District Rep. I've recently embraced PPW as I've had a couple of articles published in Washington Photographer, and in turn, those publications are fostering credibility when used with social media. I enjoy being among like minds, but I need tangible results to justify the costs.” – Mike B

“I joined so I can get "straight talk" that's regional (fits our market). We want each other to succeed. If I run into an issue, why reinvent the wheel when I can ask the group, and get an answer within 24 hours.”   Don N

“I joined PPW so that I could connect with local professional photographers who had the experience of a business with photography. I also love the meetings and class offerings that I can attend to get in person help or inspiration.”   Missy M

“I joined PPW so that I could connect with other professional photographers at various levels. I feel that there is a benefit to being a member to such organizations because of the networking, and there is a level of credibility that I wish to establish by belonging to professional organizations like PPW and PPA.”   Dawnelle L

“I joined PPW in 1982 and have stayed a member because of the great education and fun events! Plus I have met so many professional photographers over the years who have helped me grow my business.”  Lorie W.

"We wouldn't be in business today if we weren't PPW Members. PPW gave us the tools to achieve success!" – Rich B.

“We joined because we were invited to join by other professional photographers in our city. They encouraged us to enter print competition and see how our work stacked up with others in the profession. Our award winning photographs boosted our business as well as give us validation that we were good photographers. The friendships we made have lasted for over 50 years. We, as other members, have helped each other succeed by sharing ideas, business tips and photography skills to help to uplift the profession as a whole and celebrating with each other and encouraging each other to become better artists and craftsmen.” - Joanne M

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