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What: New membership rates for 2023

Effective When: Jan 1, 2023

Why: Simplify member categories/improve member retention

What are the changes coming to membership levels for PPW:

  • Primary Active, Educator, Vender in Photography, Professional Plus, Aspiring and Student are all rolling into the new Primary Membership.
  • Current Secondary and Additional studio members will be grandfathered in.
  • Retired and Life memberships remains the same.

What are the new rates?

  • $200 a year for membership
  • $160 for Studios with additional employees (for current members only)
  • $75 for retired members
  • Monthly membership option is going away

Why did we need to make these changes?

The PPW Board understands that raising the membership dues is never welcome, but simply put, the time has come. Our membership rates have not been increased in years, but the organization's operating costs have accumulated year-over-year, as well as needed operating budgets for Marketing and Education to actively promote and advertise for new members.

Why did you eliminate Aspiring Member and Students?

Both levels (Aspiring and Student) were designed to be a limited-time entry to our organization, with the intention that after a year (Aspiring) and upon graduation (Student ), these  members would choose a membership level to support moving forward with photography.  Neither of these levels allowed for contributions such as voting on issues that would impact our growth. We will still allow folks to “kick the tires” of PPW  by offering membership discounts with marketing campaigns focused on membership value and growth in new markets.

Why is there no longer a monthly option?

This option was first offered in 2015 and although it may be helpful for members at that time, it has been more work than was anticipated. We have found that we can’t regulate it to make sure a member fulfills the year’s commitment. For example: Someone can join for a month’s nominal fee, attend a discounted event and then quit. It’s not fair to the faithful members and was disruptive to our budgeting plans for cash flow to reinvest back into our membership.

What is the benefit for PPW to do this?

The results of the change in our rates will enable us to:

  • The bring the cost of a yearly membership  comparable with industry standards 
  • Allows us to better adjust our operating costs
  • Continue to offer free PPW Education webinars and discounted education events
  • Actively promote and advertise for new members
  • Continue to promote in-person gatherings and meetings

What is the benefit for me as a member of PPW?

PPW and the affiliates are unlike most professional organizations.

  • We promote our members through awards, publications, and degrees
  • We provide physical venues for fellowship, networking and learning
  • We share and encourage members to grow
  • We encourage community where people laugh, share and create
  • PPW is family, friends, mentors and life-long working relationships

How do I take advantage of 2022 membership rates for 2023? 

1.  Email the Executive Manager that you want to renew at 2022 rates. You can find your current renewal date by logging into your account and accessing your profile.

2.  You will receive an email with an invoice that you must pay prior to 12/31/2022. Once you have paid you will need to reactivate the auto renewal feature. This is also a great time to update your profile.

3.  Your new renewal date will be the date you paid. This must happen before 12/31/22.

4.  Next year on that date, the membership dues will be the new rates.

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