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Cheri Hammon is one of those artists who started in Photography, retouching images in the traditional methods using brushes, dyes and airbrushing.  As technology advanced so did Cheri with her desire to create unique one of kind art pieces.  Whether with a brush and palette or a stylus and tablet, Cheri has taken her skills as both photographer and artist to new levels.  One of the first in the country to introduce Corel Painter portraits, Cheri used the technology of the program along with her skilled eye for color and design, and takes her client’s images from photographic image to a painted portrait and then completes the art pieces by outputting the image onto artist canvas or watercolor paper. Her finished art pieces are then lacquered, stretched, embellished and finished to achieve the perfection that her professional photographer clients have come to expect

O.K., now you’re offering Painter portraits or you want to…what now?
There’s lots of discussion on how to market and sell these creations. We’re not sure what to call them. Do we tell our clients that they’re “digital”? How much do we charge? Where do we put them in our product line, etc? I’ve been in the photographic industry for 32 years and have been doing “Painter” portraits and fine art printing for other professional photographers for the last 19 of those and have gathered information from my clients on how THEY market and sell these portraits! Hopefully this program will be helpful for you as well.

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M, Photog, M. Artist, MEI. Cr. CPP

A little bit about Cheri...

Cheri began her career 32 years ago as a photographic retouch artist at Fitz-Symms Photographers in Augusta Ga. She did negative and print retouching, hand tinting as well as artwork for copy and restoration of old photographs. She's done retouching and artwork for many of the finest portrait photographers in the country.  Since 1999 Cheri has offered commissioned paintings in Corel Painter and fine art printing to Professional Photographers world wide. 

Cheri is a member of Professional Photographers of America (PPA).  She is a CPP and been awarded all four degrees,  Master Photographer, Master Artist,  Craftsman and MEI.  She was awarded the Georgia Fellowship Degree from the Georgia Professional Photographers Association (GPPA) and was named Georgia Professional Photographers Association’s “2006 Photographer of the Year”. She is currently a member of the Professional Photographers of Idaho where she was named 2013 and 2014 Master Photographer of the Year. Cheri recently received the American Society of Photographers Fellowship Degree at the IUSA convention in 2018. 

Cheri’s fine art paintings only begin as a digital photograph, then they are painted by hand, stroke by stroked using Corel Painter, tablet and stylus and then printed as pigmented ink on fine art giclee or canvas giclee. Her photographs and paintings have won numerous awards and have been published in the PPA Showcase and Loan Collection books and recently in the Painter Showcase book.  Cheri also recently was awarded the “Canon Par Excellence Award” at the Western States District Print Competition. 
Cheri moved from GA to Idaho Falls, ID in 2011 and is looking forward to a new adventure with her husband Dennis Hammon.  Find Cheri on Facebook as Cheri Fitzgerald Hammon and Art By Cheri and on the website

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