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Special needs kids photography is a Huge emerging market in our country today. As professionals, we need to understand the dynamics and learn the do's and don'ts for working with this special demographic.

Billie Otter has a Masters of Occupational Therapy from the University of Washington. She is a mother of an autistic son and has some amazing insights both from a mother and therapist.You don’t want to miss this transformational program. Bring lot’s of tissue, there will not be a dry eye in the house! 

Billie Otter’s, “The secrets to working with children with special need’s.” is the best, most informative - non-industry program that I have had the pleasure to see in the last 20 years. Her insights into the minds & behavior of these children, gave me the opportunity to not only know how to understand & photograph the child but how to market to the parents who belong to this specialized niche of children’s portraiture. Well worth your time & investment to understand how to tape into this potentially lucrative market. 

Edgar W Matuska
M. Photog., MEI., Cr., JE., CPP-P/EI., A-ASP., AFP-PPW., RH.

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A little bit about Billie...

Billie, a licensed and registered occupational therapist, has extensive training and experience working with children on the autism spectrum. In addition to teaching as an adjunct professor at Green River Community College, she owns Maple Valley Pediatric Therapy, a private outpatient clinic that provides occupational therapy services to children with disabilities and their families. Billie’s passion for working with children on the spectrum is driven by her personal experience raising a child diagnosed with autism. She understands the importance of identifying and building on a child’s strengths to deal with daily challenges. She strives to help families create an atmosphere that allows them to

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