A Little Bit about Mary Jo...

A PPW member since 1974, Mary Jo Allen, M.Photog.Cr, FP holds the PPW Fellow of Photography degree, is a Life Member, was awarded the PPW Distinguished Service Award and is a member of the 100 club for those who have earned 100 or more print merits. 

She has also earned the PPA Master of Photography and Photographic Craftsman Degrees and is a Life Member of PPA.  

The past 4 years she has earned PPA medals for having all 4 entries selected to exhibit in the national salon.  She and husband Ralph, own and operate a portrait studio in Lake Forest Park specializing in outdoor and classical senior and family portraits.

Finding Beauty

With a degree in microbiology, it is little wonder that Mary Jo Allen finds beauty and joy in the small things that other people might miss.  This program will delve into both the technical and the artistic expression of the beauty that can be found right under your nose.  Flowers are beautiful to start with so it is easy to understand their attraction to the artist.  Mary Jo will take you beyond the tradition documentary recording of what a flower looks like, by taking a closer look and finding ways of expressing a more artistic and abstract view using color, curves, lines, lighting and softness to create interesting compositions.  “I want to have a two pronged approach to my flower work: technically perfect, thanks to my scientific background and artistically pleasing to feed my (and your) soul.”



Success Barriers - Breaking Through Your Comfort Zone

The typical impediments that hold us back from achieving our dreams are usually self-imposed obstacles and barriers we create.  Success is a process – duplicable, replicable, and capable of producing consistent results when done with consistent behaviors.  Oftentimes, our need for approval or acceptance supersedes our willingness to take the actions necessary to get the business or accomplish our goals.  Our identity is separate from the roles we assume, yet the line becomes blurred and we lose the guts we need to attain the success we seek.  This talk looks at those barriers to success to see how they can be eliminated once and for all.

10 Communication Strategies of the Successful Sales Professional 

Moving the sales process forward is not about how great your product is, but more dependent on how well you communicate with your prospective buyer.  Successful salespeople realize that just showing up and regurgitating facts and figures and features and benefits won’t ultimately get them to where they want to be.  The human dynamic aspect of the interaction must be acknowledged and leveraged well in order to “win” consistently.  This talk discusses those important communication strategies that make the difference between finishing first or somewhere in the middle of the pack.

James Alberson
Principal / Trainer / Speaker
Top Tier Training and Development
(Sandler Training Licensee)

James Alberson is the President of Sandler Training for the Washington state marketplace. A national sales expert and business speaker, James is committed to guiding CEO’s, business owners, entrepreneurs, sales executives and their teams to higher revenues, increased profit  margins, and greater personal and professional growth. 

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