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The 12 Elements of Competition w/Hammons

  • 03 May 2020
  • TBD

The 12 Elements of Competition as Applied to Everyday Work

Professional Photographers of America has designed the 12 elements of competition.  These elements were designed by Gerhard Bakker a working professional for competition, but if applied will improve your daily photographic work.

Dennis Hammon , M. Photog. Cr. CPP. F-PPI, F-IPPA, F-ASP and Cheri  Hammon, M. Photog. Cr. M. Artist, MEI, CPP, F-ASP are no strangers to the photographic competition world. With several hundred PPA print merits between them and numerous Loan images, they have found and used the 12 elements in their competition images as well as daily work.

During our time together in this workshop, we will discuss the 12 elements and how they apply to us and our work.  We will also discuss our responsibilities as those who enter print competition and how to make this process work for us. 

Using the 12 elements of print competition is an exercise for each session we do, but how many times as we watch judging, we are ‘arm chair judges’ always second guessing the judges and their scores?  What did they see that brought the score down? Why can’t they see how difficult it was to do that session/photograph? Dang judges, if they only knew what I was going through when I photographed that session.  Print completion is an exhausting process.  From mentally challenging to picking the images, culling them down to decide which one’s we’ll use, retouching them and having them printed. It is a process that Dennis and Cheri will show some of their techniques and ways of selecting and preparing images for competition.


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