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PPW State Photographic Competition Info

2019 Judging Dates: April 26-27, 2019 in Ocean Shores, WA right before conference.

PPW State Photographic Open Competition Rules
PPW State Artist Competition Rules 

Indicate or select the Fuji and ACI awards when you upload images. No paper to print off.

ADDRESS LABEL FOR PRINT CASE (This is the only PPW form you will need like past years.)
Print Case Labels (PDF) 

Deadlines and Fees 
  • Submissions Opening Date – March 8, 2019, @ 8AM PDT 
  • All entered images (digital or print) must be uploaded to www.printcompetition.com by April 8, 2019 by 11pm PDT. 
  • Digital file name must match print name. 
  • Print cases with Printcompetition Entry Forms must be received by April 15, 2019 by 11pm PDT 
  • Late Entries received by April 19, 2019 by 11pm PDT will be charged a late fee $50. 
  • No entry will be accepted after April 19, 2019 after 11pm PDT. 
  • Image Entry Fee (1 to 4 images): $99 ($9 goes to printcompetition.com) 
  • Addition 2 Prints to “Print” cases only: $20


Edgar W. Matuska, Salon Chair, 653 B NW 52nd St, Seattle, WA 





  1. Create your entry (see the competition rules for print size and digital file size requirements)
  2. Be sure that your print name (if you are entering prints) and the digital file name the same
  3. Go to www.printcompetition.com 
  4. Follow the upload (‘create new image entry’) and payment instructions *
  5. Proceed to upload digital images 
  6. If you are submitting digital entries only, you are finished.
  7. Print off the Print Labels for back of prints and Print Case Label for mailing your case from www.printcompetition.com.  
  8. Mail the case.  (If you are not picking up your case at conference, you will need to pay the return mailing fee on www.printcompetition.com.)

    *Please note that you will be paying twice: 

    Www.printcompetition.com Fee ($9) prior to uploading entries (if you entered at the Pre-Conference Trial Judging in February this doesn’t apply) and PPW Case Fee ($90 up to $110) and Print Case Return Fee ($25) which is in the red box with the "pay case fee" button. 

    Case Payment is with PayPal, if you don't have a PayPal account, please mail in a check to PPW to 27088 Ohio Ave NE, Kingston, WA 98346 with copy of entry form.

Good to review before entry:

  1. 12 Elements of a Merit Image 
  2. Photographic Open Rules  
  3. Artist Competition Rules  

If you have further questions, please contact:

2019 Conference Salon Chair:

Edgar W. Matuska

653 B NW 52nd St,

Seattle, WA 


Other trophies:

Corporate Awards (Kodak, Fuji, Canon, ACI etc.) are provided by the sponsors. Prints submitted by PPW members must follow the rules established by each company. Jurors determine recipient. (Click on their names to get rules for each.)

For PPW Open Photographic Categories:

Trophies are: 

  • PPW Portrait Photographer of the Year: Highest aggregate score in the Portrait Div. 
  • R.R. Hutchison Trophy: Best single entry from the Portrait Div. – excluding Album Entry 
  • PPW Wedding Photographer of the Year: Highest aggregate score in the Wedding Division 
  • Best Wedding Portrait Trophy: Best single entry in the Wedding Div. – excluding Album Entry 
  • Roger Dudley Trophy: Best single entry from the Commercial Div. 
  • Charles Libby Trophy: Best single entry from the Pictorial Category 
  • Chow Chen Yang Trophy (also known as CC Yang): PPW Commercial Photographer of the Year having the Highest aggregate score in the Commercial Division. 
  • Russ Clift Trophy: Best Mixed Case (split entry) aggregate score – must include such combinations as portrait/commercial or portrait/wedding, commercial/wedding or portrait/wedding/commercial 
  • Lee Merrill Trophy People’s Choice Award: Given to a PPW member who lives in Washington State and is voted for by PPW members. 
  • Alma Gray Trophy: Highest aggregate score for a case from a first-time entrant. Entries can be from any division. “First-Time Entering a State or International Print Competition” must be marked on the entry form. $250 Scholarship Certificate goes along with Trophy. See Scholarship Chair for the paper document. 
  • Best of Show Trophy: Best single print from all divisions as determined by the jurors 
  • Jentoft Trophy: Given to the resident of Washington having the overall highest aggregate score. 

Division Awards: 

Portrait Division
Best Portrait of a Child
Best Portrait of a Group
Best Portrait of an Animal
Best Portrait of a Woman
Best Portrait of a Man
Best Portrait of a Couple
Best Unclassified Portrait
Best Non-Wedding Album

Wedding Division 
Best Portrait of a Bride
Best Portrait of a Groom
Best Portrait of a Wedding Group
Best Wedding Candid
Best Portrait of a Bride & Groom
Best Unclassified Portrait
Best Wedding Album 

Commercial Division
Best Pictorial (Charles Libby Award)
Best Industrial
Best Architectural
Best Advertising / Illustration
Best Editorial Event or Human Interest photograph for publication
Best Aerial
Best Unclassified 

For PPW Artist Categories: 

Division Awards: 

Portrait Division

  • Best of the Portrait Division 

Wedding Division

  • Best of the Wedding Division 

Commercial Division

  • Best of the Commercial Division 

Restoration Division

  • Best of Restoration

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