State Judging Academy 

with Tim Mathiesen, M.Photog.Cr. F-ASP, EA-ASP

Saturday, Mar 27 at 10:20am PDT

This workshop will cover all aspects of the judging process, including terminology, scoring, ideology, digital vs. print, presentation and conduct. 

This workshop will cover the process of judging and will break down the judging process so that you will be able to understand the “12 Elements” of print competition, scoring, challenges and, most importantly, the rules that govern the entire print competition event.  The 12 Elements are the foundation of judging within our system.  They are used at all 4 levels and help the judges determine the final score.

Examples of all levels of scoring will be discussed.  This workshop will involve all those in attendance.  All seminar attendees will have an opportunity to participate in a practice judging.  All attendees should be prepared to sit in the “hot” seats.  When you have completed the workshop, and have passed the judging evaluation, you will have an understanding of the judging principals and be able to participate in future judging’s within in your local association.  

Photographic print judging is a very enlightening and challenging process.  It takes courage and confidence to begin the process.  Most photographers want to learn
 about judging to improve their own photographs and learn to be objective when it comes to commenting and judging other images.

Judging is conducted at several levels.  All competitions begin at the local chapter or guild level.  Within the state affiliates, they utilize 2 levels of competition.  After the local event, we have state competitions.  The third level of competition is called the District competition

ions.  This level replaced the Regional competitions.  The District competition is held in each Spring.   Finally, the International competition is hosted each year, during August, by PPA in Atlanta, GA.

Each state should establish a list of qualified jurors. This list would be given to each local group with in the state, so they have a list of judges for their scheduled judging’s.  To be included on this list it will be necessary to complete a judging workshop. All members are invited to attend the workshop.  Workshops will be conducted at various locations across the state. 

Holders of degrees from the state and/or PPA Master’s degree are encouraged to attend. We want members who are passionate about image competition and who want to improve their photography and learn the judging process.  

Over the last 4 years, there have been more changes in our judging process than in the last 3 decades.  With the addition of digital files, the process of evaluating images has risen to a higher level.  Learning to evaluate what is now called digital imaging causes more concern and confusion.

The degree process has changed in the last few years.  The Electronic Imaging degree has been changed to Master Artist and the new degree is called Master of Wedding Photography.  2019 will be the first year that a member can complete for the Wedding Photography degree.


Tim Mathiesen, M.Photog.Cr. F-ASP, EA-ASP

Tim Mathiesen has over 50 years experience in the photographic industry that ranges from operating his own business to marketing management positions at several leading photographic manufactures.  He is a recognized expert in panoramic and commercial photography.  He has traveled the world as a speaker, photographer and educator.  Tim has won many international and national awards for his photography.  His website,, is a showcase for his work 

As a graduate of Brooks Institute of Photography, Tim has earned the Fellowship of the American Society of Photographers, the Masters degree from the Professional Photographers of America and the Master Photographer from the Professional Photographers of California.  Tim is a PPA international qualified photographic juror and Jury Chairperson.  He has conducted image critiques in the USA, England, Mexico, Canada, Korea and Japan.  He has over 150 PPA exhibition merits and more than 40 images in the PPA Loan Collection.  He has won the Kodak Gallery Elite Award, 6 Fuji Masterpiece Awards and 5 Kodak Gallery awards.  Tim has served as President of several state, national and international photographic organizations.  

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