How to Create Habits for 2021

with Mary Ann Breshears, Master Cr., AFP

Sunday, Mar 28 at 9am PDT

Sponsored by America Color Labs, Inc.

Photography is your passion and your business. But what makes a thriving photography business or a successful professional photographer? Is it the right gear?  A beautiful studio?  Pure talent?  Great passion fro the art?  What do you do when those things collide on your journey and you lose sight of why you started? It is a normal on the path to success, but seldom feel like success.  Mary Ann Breshears will share with you why you cannot give up.   Mary Ann will focus on the habits that become routines to help us create a successful photography business.  She will share her studio journey that began as a part time business including the frustrations and fears she experienced, including wanting to give up a few times.  We live in a social media driven world that leaves us feeling like we are the only ones who struggle and everyone else is successful.  She wants all of PPW Spring Conference attendees to come away believing that they can create a dynamic business and the rewarding life they so greatly desire.

Mary Ann will explain the step by step process she used to overcome these hurdles, going from part time to full time to flourishing.  She will show you how creating these daily habits and growing them into routines, allowed their photography business to grow by 73% in 2016 and then another 50% 2017. Currently they have had a combined growth of 315% since 2014.  She will explain how habits and routines continue to sustain that growth. 

Mary Ann Breshears, Master Cr., AFP

Mary Ann Breshears and her husband, Rich, have been wildly passionate about photography from childhood.  Mary Ann started in her teens while in 4H, amassing enormous scrap books for her fair princess and high school projects.  In College she continued her love of photography while studying to become a Consumer Science Teacher. 

It wasn’t until 2000, when both Mary Ann and Rich found themselves burned out on their chosen careers and decided to make it a go as professional photographers.  They opened their studio out of their garage, working nights and weekends.  As the quality of their work grew, so did the word of their availability.  

In 2004 Mary Ann made the transition to being full-time at the studio, and Rich followed in 2008.  Since then their studio has grown out of their home, and into a beautiful 3000 sq. ft. storefront space, with 2 full-time staff, and 2 part time staff.  They specialize in family wall portrait art, high school seniors, and commercial product photography.  

The key to her success is passion, hard work, integrity.  

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