Build Fans Beyond Facebook

with  Lara Grauer, CPP

Saturday, Mar 27 at 2pm PDT

Historically, Facebook has been good to small businesses, but the platform is allowing less and less contact with your audience over time. Even Facebook groups are getting poor reach among members. As a small, local business owner, the trust and credibility you establish with your community is of utmost importance. Creating positive relationships and staying top of mind means you’ll be the one they call when they’re ready to book. Learn new ways to reach your target audience, build meaningful community, and become a local leader - so you’re the go-to photographer in your community

Lara Grauer, CPP

Lara Grauer is a Seattle-based photographer who specializes in portraits and commercial branding photography. She began working in the field in 1996, and she opened her Seattle portrait studio in 2008. Lara has spent 15 years studying and implementing new business ideas. She earned the Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) designation from Professional Photographers of America in 2016.

In all of that time, she’s never found better advice than Michael Port’s world-famous system, Book Yourself Solid®. Lara became a Book Yourself Solid® Certified Coach because she sees talented photographers all around the world who just need a little better business strategy to make the money they dream of.

She is obsessed with showing people their brilliance and helping them break out of the mold they’ve created for themselves. She believes that photography is truly valuable, and you have what it takes to make a healthy living providing imagery for your clients.

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