A little bit about Jason...

Jason Hummel is a Pacific Northwest photographer who grew up on the foothills of Mt. Rainier. He took up a camera in 2004 after his best friend, Ben Manfredi, passed away whitewater kayaking. With Ben's camera, Jason took his first shots.Today, with camera version 8.0 in tow, Jason is seeking to ski all the named glaciers in Washington State in a continued quest to experience everything his local mountains have to offer including stream crossings, slide alder, bushwhacking, skin-rockclimbing, slippery log crossings, cascade concrete, one inch crust, more inches of rain than inches of snow, and some very rare powder, among other local favorites. To discover more, you can find his stories and photos on myadventurecrusade.com and his book on alpinestateofmindjournal.com 

Skiing Washington's Glaciers

In the past 17 years, Jason has sought out the most remote corners of Washington State on skis. Throughout this program Jason will be sharing his history and adventure in pursuit of these incredible places. From the Olympic Mountains to North Cascades, the volcanos to obscure summits, the rain forests to slide alder are adventures found not 1000's of miles away, but right in our backyards. 

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