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PPW History Established 1948

From its beginning The Professional Photographers of Washington has been defined as an association focused upon member benefits, clearly defined responsibilities, and opportunities for all to work together toward common objectives and goals. Having moved forward toward six decades of this consistency with continuing professional education, skills enhancement, individual mentoring and personal growth – PPW has become a beacon of achievement.  

In a world bombarded with options, PPW has stood firm on a foundation of members who are individually and collectively committed to a standard of professional excellence that is reflected in accolades, merits, awards and degrees.

As the association moves forward, we the membership look back to those who have established the standard upon which we are creating new and even greater opportunities for professional achievement.   

Past and Present Presidents


1953 Charles Libby, Jr.

1954 R.R. Hutchison

1955 Roger Dudley, Jr.

1956 Don Shaw

1957 Alma Gray

1958 William Hildebrand

1959 Bruce Akins

1960 Hal Kaminske

1961 Walt Richter

1962 Lee Merrill

1963 Russ Clift

1964 Hale Van Scoy

1965 Carl Lewis

1966 Jack M. Hutchison

1967 Boyd W. DeBunce

1968 Robert E. Tull, Sr.

1969 Merle Brown

1970 Gary Jentoft

1971 Dean Palmer

1972 Kenneth Whitmire

1973 Gene Harmon

1974 Lloyd Whiting

1975 Wilma Tull

1976 Ken Dobbins

1977 Dean Parsons

1978 John Kasinger

1978 Joe Mark

1979 Ann M. Stone

1980 LeRoy Seeley

1981 Larry D. Ikenberry

1982 Beverly Dart

1983 Richard Johnson

1984 Myron Bursell

1985 Jack Keller

1986 Steven L. Conner

1987 Jay M. Murray

1988-89 Donald Rubenack, Sr.

1990 Dr.J. Stewart Lowther

1991 Ralph W. Allen III

1992 Stephen K. Wolfe

1993 Gale J. Johnson

1994 Janet Rubenack

1995 David Grimes

1996 Michael Shollenberger

1997-98 Jeanne McGee

1999 David O’Connor

2000 Greg McCanless

2001 Jaclyn Larson

2002 Robert Behm

2003-04 Dean Johnson

2005 Steve Vento

2006 Nichelle Price

2007 Marie Martineau

2008 Jeff Fulks

2009 Lance Johnson

2010 Michael Thresher

2011 Bonnie Slagle

2012 Rob DiPiazza

2013 Nina Beheim

2014 Doug Walker

2015 Rich Breshears

2016 Heidi Swoboda

2017-18 Chris Wooley

2019 Dalisa Sherrard

Past and Present Life Members

Mary Jo Allen

Ralph W. Allen III

Rob Behm

Bruce Bleckert

Mary Bleckert

Paul Caisse

Steven Conner

Connie Conner

Betty Dobbins

Mike Elwell

Ed Fitzgerald

Linda Fitzgerald

Annie Grasegger

Gene Harmon

Joan Haughawout

Carroll Hill

Georgia Hill

Larry Ikenberry

Rachel Ikenberry

Barbara Jentoft

Gary Jentoft

Dean Johnson

Opal Johnson

Laura J. Johnson

 Ann Kaminske 

Ron King

Duncan MacNab

Jay Murray

Joanne Murray

Fay Nicoles

Ken Nicoles

Bob Paasch

Dean Parsons

Donna Parsons

Donald Rubenack, Sr.

Janet Rubenack

Patricia Rush

William Rush

LeRoy Seeley

Douglas Thiele

Steve Vento

Chris Wartes

Vi Whitmire

Stephen K. Wolfe

Trilby Wolfe

Lori (Wood) Weldon

Rob Behm

Richard Kletch

Marie Martineau-Sandberg

Jon Sandberg


The Professional Photographers of Washington

27088 Ohio Ave NE
Kingston, WA 98346

(360) 818-4348

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