Fluffy Butts for Fun and Profit

Creating the ideal pet session

MONDAY, APRIL 6, 2020, 1:00 - 4:00 PM

Creating the ideal pet session takes time and thought to be able to not only light and create the set properly but provide the idea environment for the comfort and convenience of pets and their owners.

Mini sessions are not only lucrative but proper planning can make it morph each year into a new creative vision to carry forward into another selling season.

This program is about how to start with the idea, create the vision, building it to serve multiple purposes and marketing it to be a money maker each season with minor changes.  Anything you do can be crossed over into other genre of photography, especially children.   

Getting started is easy as deciding where you want to start:

  • Holidays?  Christmas, Easter, Halloween
  • Themes?  Summer, Fall, Birthdays, etc 
  • Kitschy? Something cute from a movie, relevant tv or current events,.Harry Potter, Game of Thrones etc
  • Sports, hobbys, owners props, clothing etc

There is nothing you can’t do with paint, wood, fabric and Knick knacks that you may already have just laying around…gorilla glue, hot glue, sticky dots, duct tape and stitch witch are your best friends.

1.       Soooooo?....what makes you tick and where do you want your profitable mini pet shoots to go?
2.       What do what your return on investment to be?  Never outspend what you think you can make back.
3.       How many clients can you expect to book reasonably?
4.       How much storage do you have, what do you have in reserve?
5.       Where do you get your inspiration for in your sessions…what’s your style or voice?

    So now you’ve got your idea….where do you go now? 

    SHOPPING!!!!  In your closets, your friends closets, FB marketplace, garage sales, thrift shops, and if you’re lucky enough to live near a more rural area, you have access to trees, vines, branches etc or if the city, you have grunge areas to get things to bring the sets like old bricks, metal pieces, etc…and usually all for free.  Hoarding for specifics is not a dirty word.

    Gena Tussey, M.Photog.Cr., CPP

    Gena has been a working professional photographer for over 17 years, a Master Photographer, Craftsman, Certified Professional Photographer.  Since opening her own studio in December of 2013, her clientele include pet, families, business leaders, actors and characters.  Gena has been a member of the PPA for over 10 years, an Imaging USA Volunteer for 5 years and a volunteer speaker for various networking, Toastmasters International and local public groups on the Print to Preserve movement for over 6 years. 

    Gena has received numerous Loan and General Merits, Showcase Books, 3rd Place in 2019 PPA Southeastern District in Creative Open, 2 IPC Bronze Medalist Awards, 2019 IPC Grand Imaging Finalist in Creative Open, 2 finalists.  Gena also received the 2008 Pinnacle Award for Photographic Excellence and Portrait Excellence Awards through her time with Lifetouch as well as many other awards through various art galleries and tourism awards.

    My passion resides in Pet Personality Portraits, Character portraits and business portraits that concentrate on the needs of the organization and the personality of the clients.  My one piece of sage advice is to “Take what you do seriously but with passion and a sense of humor…we get to do every day what some people can’t wait to retire to pursue is a life calling.”

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